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Education and Service First

Many of Ken's clients are hands-on owner-operators of their business or practice. They know the value of delegation, and they also want to fundamentally understand the merit of each financial move.

By communicating and explaining the mechanics behind legal and investment rules and regulations, Ken makes everything understandable and gives clients a voice in the planning. He works for them; his plans are custom-crafted to suit their lives and priorities by serving their needs first.

Familiarity with the latest law changes

Ken studies dozens of sections of federal and state tax law directly affecting business owners and professionals. By constantly staying up to date and furthering his own education, he is able to give his clients advice that is truly “of the moment.”

After all, Internal Revenue Code changes can creep up on medical and dental professionals and business owners … and new tax “benefits” can go unrecognized. Ken can be your watchdog, to see that you get the most of new advantages and that your wealth won't erode from negligence or supervised neglect.

A written plan to help you thrive

With Ken as your business and financial advisor, you'll be informed and empowered – ready to plan for change, lifelong financial comfort, and the ongoing growth of your invested assets. He looks at the entire picture of your wealth and gives you a detailed plan from A to Z, plus an understanding of how the different aspects of the plan work.

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