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Peer-to-Peer Planning to Protect You

As a professional business advisor for over 20 years and an independent business owner himself, Ken understands virtually every financial issue you are liable to encounter.

Candid and objective, he can give you answers without stress and pressure. You will certainly like that. Ken likes having the opportunity to make a difference in your life, by educating you with necessary knowledge.

He provides comprehensive wealth management – financial planning and financial supervision to address many different priorities in your business and personal life. This is the kind of planning that can help you prepare in advance for career or business transitions, retirement, and new chapters of life.

Vital planning to protect wealth

"The key is to maintain and preserve wealth and cash flow by knowing the right questions to ask."

The success you've created so carefully should never be jeopardized by inattention and supervised neglect. Yet, with all the demands on your time, you are looking for needed answers without first knowing the questions.

Ken can help you identify the negative issues to protect yourself and your family from probate, judgment creditors, the aggressive legal system, and questionable investments that may negatively affect your retirement security. He can provide the comprehensive wealth management that can help you retire confidently.

Detailed plans for wealth and asset protection

Working with other competent advisors, Ken can design and implement investment and estate plans, family trusts, structured business sales and buy/sell agreements with the potential to arrange lifelong income, lasting prosperity, and asset protection to maintain your privacy and confidentiality. He does the hard work so you may work less and enjoy life more tomorrow.

Don't wait until the future forces you to make financial decisions. Make the decision now to plan for the future you want. Ask Ken Rumbaugh to meet with you sooner, rather than later.

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